What Was Old is New Again

Legal review is the largest cost component of a discovery management project.  Corporations understand that this is part of the new eDiscovery world and want this cost to decrease – – Makes sense and is totally logical.  There have been countless panels, articles, blogs, advertisements, and debates around how this can be achieved using software… Read More »

And That’s a Wrap….

#LTNY ’12 was a huge success for Planet Data.  Besides demonstrating our just released Exego3 (the latest version of our Early Cost Assessment platform) – we had a chance to spend time with our clients, meet some new people, and to hear firsthand a few opinions on what is going on in the eDiscovery world… Read More »

#LTNY ’12

It’s that time of year again!  NY Legal Tech.  This will be my 22nd NY Legal Tech by rough count.  Over the years I’ve seen trends change from scanning and paper coding to the complexities of ESI, ECA and hosting platforms.  The show has grown from a floor to multiple floors and seems to keep on growing. … Read More »

Time Will Tell….

In the December 2011 Corporate Counsel, Sheri Qualters writes a very interesting and well-written article “Pounding the Gavel on E-Discovery”.  The article focuses on Chief Judge Randall Rader’s model order to limit discovery in patent cases.  Ms. Qualters discusses the order and how it proposes limits on ESI production.  For me the points that stand… Read More »

eDiscovery Exchange Conference Panels Deliver Strong Messages

I recently attended The Information Retention and eDiscovery Exchange in Munich, Germany.  I found it to be an interesting mix of EU and US corporate counsel and eDiscovery experts.  The focus was on in-house counsel and how they deal with the ever-expanding data sets involved in litigation today.  The conference took a hard look at… Read More »

Risk Manager? Consultant? Yes, a Professional Project Manager

So who is probably the most important person that your legal team should rely on during an ESI and review project?  Good question.  The answer:  Not the Partner or Associate, but a professional Project Manager Whether at a law firm, corporate legal department, or at an outside supplier, professional Project Managers are the experts with… Read More »

Easy As 1-2-3? Not SAS 70…

In the market for a discovery management provider? Does the provider you are about to select have the SAS70/SSAE 16 certification? If the answer is no, then move on. What is the importance of being SAS70/SSAE 16 certified in the legal industry? How big a deal is it? Very big. This type of certification and… Read More »

E-discovery in the NYTimes

After reading the recent NY Times article “Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software”, I was impressed that the term “e-discovery” is now being mentioned in the same paper as critical world news and the famous crossword puzzle. On the other hand, I was mostly struck by what was not mentioned. The most important… Read More »