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Planet Data and Bloomberg® Data: Why we do it the right way

Processing Bloomberg® email and chat (instant messaging) data for review is a complex task. Many vendors have attempted it and, based upon feedback from our clients, most of them have problems dealing with the way Bloomberg® exports the data. Typical standard Bloomberg® exports from third party software platforms makes the processing much more difficult and… Read More »

A New Day For ECA

Today’s budgets do not allow for large amounts of data to be reviewed. At Legaltech I had the pleasure of speaking with ALM’s Zach Warren about just that, and the recent re-focus on ECA/pre-review strategies. We also discussed the sudden shift back to the early case assessment topic and why it’s making headlines again. ECA… Read More »

Pre-Review or Pay More

It’s a pretty basic proposition. Reduce data sizes earlier in a matter and you will save money. It’s that simple. But, as the recent presidential debates make clear, there is always nuance to every message. Cost avoidance, by implementing a data mapping process prior to custodial interviews, ensures that the legal team will know where… Read More »

The Year of the Project Manager

2013 was the year of the project manager.  Actually, each year should be known as the “Year of the Project Manager.”  Whether working at a law firm, corporate legal department or at a supplier, these professionals ensure the work will be done, and done well. Project manager’s are not always paid their dues, but with… Read More »

Man vs Food

“Man vs. Food” is like “Man vs. Machine” in discovery management. In the television show, “Man vs. Food”, the common denominator is the “man” and the variable is the “food”. Who wins depends on the amount and type of food. In discovery management, the common denominator is the “legal professional” and the variable is the… Read More »

The New Legal Model?

I’ve heard many say that today’s New Legal Model is TAR (technology assisted review) and that this component will, by itself, dramatically reduces legal costs. I think it goes much deeper than just TAR. Today’s data sets are large, very large in most cases. The goal is to find the documents that matter, quicker, earlier… Read More »

Preparing for Trial: An Information Managers Role

At the core of any litigation today is the concept of understanding electronic data: where it is located, how it is managed, and how it can be accessed.

In the past, the litigation team consisted of inside and outside counsel, the business unit manager and outside suppliers.  The legal responsibility for the management of a company’s data in most businesses falls squarely on the shoulders of the Information Manager. Thus, if a company is ever entrenched in a legal battle, the Information Manager needs to be part of the team and must be prepared to take the stand. Because of this person’s unique ability to discuss the internal systems that generate the data in question, an Information Manager will almost inevitably make any trial attorney’s short list.