Can your ECA/Pre-Review Platform Automatically Detect Foreign Languages?

By | 04/26/2016

Technology Assisted Review, TAR, eDiscoveryForeign language data is more prevalent in ediscovery today due to the nature of cross-border litigation. The ability to identify different languages within a collection during ESI processing of the data is rare.

Traditionally, you would need to know that there is foreign language data within your collection, and also know exactly where it is. If you don’t, the only way to identify this data would be when it appears in a document during a search for other terms. Subsequently, the decision would then have to be made whether or not that foreign language data needs to be translated – thus slowing down the review process.

At Planet Data, identifying foreign language data within a document is an automatic process through Exego Extract (our ESI processing engine), and it’s done at the earliest phase of a project. Exego Extract can identify over 150 different languages and lists the top three within their own metadata field.

During culling and filtering of the data in Exego Select, our ECA/Pre-Review module, the foreign language documents could then be tagged for additional review or exported for translation. Understanding that there is foreign language data in your collection at this early stage allows the legal team to make the decision as to whether it should be translated or isolate it so a multi-lingual review team could address it prior to the actual review phase. This feature saves time and costs earlier in the process.

In a recent project, a client conducted a search on the language field to isolate the number of documents that were foreign language. The results were saved and the determination was made that a large subset of the data needed to be translated prior to the data being made available to a large group of document reviewers. The client was pleased that this option was available since they would not have known this material was in their collection until they came across it later during the review process. The amount of time and money saved allowed them to remain within their budget and on schedule.

In closing, a combination of thorough and complete processing and an ECA/Pre-Review module that provides more information earlier in the process equates to a more efficient and less costly document review.

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