A New Day For ECA

By | 03/24/2016

Today’s budgets do not allow for large amounts of data to be reviewed. At Legaltech I had the pleasure of speaking with ALM’s Zach Warren about just that, and the recent re-focus on ECA/pre-review strategies. We also discussed the sudden shift back to the early case assessment topic and why it’s making headlines again.

ECA is finally seen as it should be – as more of a pre-review data reduction tool than a calculator. There are more advanced features available in good ECA platforms now than ever before. Specifically, intuitive interfaces that the legal team can easily use; data that has been processed completely; email threading; clustering; analytics; detailed reporting and project management that can help a legal team though this process. In addition, ECA can be done with a smaller team of experts that can then pass on their knowledge to the review team to make the review more efficient and cost effective.

Creating a smart workflow with more thorough custodial interviews and targeted collections is the best area to start. More efficiency translates into less data to process, cull and ultimately review. The ability to generate flexible reports – such as displaying how a search term or concept hit on metadata fields within a custodian – helps the legal team understand where else they might want to search or conversely, that they need to alter their search to be more inclusive or exclusive in their searches. These same reports can be used for 26f conferences and are invaluable if a case goes dormant and the legal team needs to get back up to speed quickly.

Bottom line. Streamlining the process and reducing data sets in excess of 70% through a comprehensive ECA/Pre-Review approach translates into less costs and a more efficient method for managing a project.

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