The Year of the Project Manager

By | 12/17/2013

2013 was the year of the project manager.  Actually, each year should be known as the “Year of the Project Manager.”  Whether working at a law firm, corporate legal department or at a supplier, these professionals ensure the work will be done, and done well.

Project manager’s are not always paid their dues, but with complex “Big Data” requirements, (including, success or failure of e-discovery collection, review and production, information governance implications, managed review requirements, focused data collections, etc.) we all rely on their skills and experience. Project Managers are the unsung heroes that work 80 hours per week behind the scenes to make the legal team successful.  Whether it’s consulting on a project strategy with a client, working with a client on collecting data, ensuring that data is processed correctly, working with experienced suppliers, or providing their overall expertise to the lawyers, these individuals are professionals and the bedrock of any project.

The skill set requirements continue to grow year after year, and without sharp individuals in place to understand, facilitate and execute on these ever-changing requirements, the lawyer would be in dire straits.

Let’s hope that going forward these professionals will receive their well-earned accolades wherever they work.

Happy holidays,

Dave Cochran


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